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Trotman, Søren Jonn

(June 24th, 2020)

Søren Jonn Trotman, BA, MOC, RCC, CCC; beloved son of Tea Preville of Nelson BC, and Andy Preville of Kelowna, Gerardo Acuna of Bogotá, Colombia, and Bill Trotman of Trinidad, was born August 29th 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, and passed on June 9th 2020 in Nelson, in his cherished West Kootenay of British Columbia.

Søren is survived by his siblings Shem and Kahlil Trotman, Andrea and Esteban Acuna, grandparents Paul and Doreen Preville, Ofelia Aguirre de Acuna, as well as  numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and former step-children.

Søren felt contentment when he was surrounded by the beauty of nature.  He would often say, “Ahh, this makes my mind feel good.”

Søren was brilliant, shining his light on everyone he met. Anyone who met Søren felt his unique mind and loving heart.  It brought him great joy to help others and he wouldn’t think twice about giving those he loved the shirt off his back.

Søren felt and intuited life, giving him the unique ability to reach into the hearts and minds of others, guiding them on their healing journey to self-acceptance and self-love. His awareness opened him to a range of inner experiences, feelings of great elation, joy and oneness with the universe. He found inspirations navigating the challenges of life channelling them into his therapeutic vocation.

Søren accomplished a high degree of success with his clients, and hoped to someday teach his therapeutic “wrap around” approach in the form of a book and lecture tour.

All of Søren’s friends, and clients (past and present), are invited to share the positive healing they experienced with Søren and their insight about the beneficial work they did together. These personal stories will be compiled into a book in honour of his memory.

Please submit your story, anonymous or otherwise, using subject line Eternia to

Søren’s universal dream was to build a sanctuary for those afflicted with the mental suffering of our modern world. He referred to this sanctuary as, ‘The School for the Gifted’. Søren wrote on February 24th, 2020, “There are 7 billion different intelligences on the planet, it’s our job to find the genius in everyone!”

Celebration of Life to be held at a later date.

We love you Søren.


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