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Merkley, Keith

(September 7th, 2023)

Keith  a.k.a Bezerkley died on Sept 7, 2023, at home in Nakusp BC at the age of 75.

He was known for his curled mustache, that never failed, even in the rain. His large array of hats, that usually matched his mood which he would showcase on his front porch.

He was a true Gemini, keeping his wife Jane of 52 years on her toes at all times. Whether it be building a straw bail pottery studio or going on a 250km bike with no water… in August. She never new what the next day would bring, but usually a lot of laughs.

Keith was born in Smithers BC. He and Jane raised their 3 beautiful, talented, and extremely funny daughters Davana (Mike), Naomi (Aaron) and Sarah (Chris) in Houston BC.

Some of Keith’s fondest memories are of swimming with his daughters in the Bulkley River… and a real beaver! This usually involved mooning passenger trains, digging clay, picking mint, and burning off leeches.

Keith was the life of the party and up for anything at anytime.  We have our suspicions he invented the worm break dance! We’re still looking for his shirt from that night, if you have it, please donate to the Houston Thrift Store.

Being a certified weight trainer for 12 years, he was small but mighty. Keith was involved in the creation of a not-for-profit gym in Houston. He would spend his days pumping iron, guzzling sweat potato shakes and pulling pranks.

It’s debatable whether he was a good cook, however he did make a mean crepe! It’s undebatable that he was a true artist. With skills ranging from jewelry design, kite and stilt maker, painter, sketcher, and his main passion folk pottery.

Keith and Jane retired to Nakusp in 2009. Drawn by the eclectic people, Leland patio, and their heritage home. Years were spent restoring and breathing life back into the property. Shared passions with new friends brought Keith joy.

To his grandchildren Brynn, Claire, Odin, Oakley, Helene, and Leonie he was Poppy. He was mystical with his story telling, would often turn into an alien, loved wrestling and getting his nails painted.

Whether you knew him as Keith, Dad, Grampy or Poppy he was loved by all. He will be missed but not forgotten.

We will continue the legacy of living our lives by his moto “Whatever Blows Your Hair Back”.

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