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Grundt, Jens

(June 20th, 2023)

We are sad to announce that Jens Grundt passed away in New Denver, BC on June 20, 2023. Jens was born in West Germany and immigrated to Canada as a young boy with his father (Willy Grundt) and mother (Annemarie Grundt).

Survived by is loving friend Dara Jereb, his best friend since childhood Laurie Miner, step-mother Karin Grundt, half-brothers Knud Grundt and Kai-Hendrick Grundt, many other family members in Germany, and many friends in Germany and Canada.

We will always remember Jens’ honesty, quick and refreshing sense of humour that would brighten anyone’s darkest day, and he had a unique ability to share his life experiences to his younger family members in the big brother role that he played so very well.  He was a selfless person that liked to give back.  He enjoyed being independent and self-sufficient in many technical areas, (you NEVER saw a contractor at his home unless they were his friends stopping in to enjoy his company).

As you know, he had and ingrained love and passion for anything that involved water skiing and making ANYTHING go faster than it should!  He was a self-made man with strong values that held his family and friends very close and fiercely protected them. He loved animals and respected nature…a lot.

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