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Curtis James Ivor Liboiron

Curtis died at the young age of 31 after a hard, two year battle with colorectal cancer. His remaining family, who will miss him dearly, are his six-year-old daughter, Mila, his two sisters, Max and Mel, and his parents, Lori and Jerome, and his grandparents Jim, Anne and Doris.

Curtis will always be held in our hearts and remembered as a man who thought outside the box, a lover of nature and animals, a man with a big heart, a great sense of humour, a hater of destructive governments… He had many difficult hurdles in his life, but maintained a sense of humour and ethics through all of them. He was a hard worker and spent much of his life selflessly labouring to take care of his family. Curtis was a fabulous dad with a skilled and fun style of parenting. He had an undying love, devotion, and commitment to his daughter.

Even in his last days when he found it difficult to speak, he was sure to thank everyone who came through our door for their aid and support. He asked us to be sure to thank everyone again. Thank you to those who brought endless streams of food, (especially Paul’s kitchen), those who have visited and have sat with him and with us, those who came from near and far to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, the wonderful people who have already put in hours towards Mila’s Legacy House, and all of you who have touched our hearts and souls.

We want to especially thank all those who are connected with the medical system. Drs. Brian Woodward, Katie MacIntyre, Philip Malpass, Marnie Jacobsen, and Lloyd Mack at the Tom Baker Cancer center in Calgary; the home care workers, especially Monica; the home care nurses, especially Margot; the awesome staff at Kootenay Lake hospital (all of you were so great); the emergency staff including Lori, the housekeeping staff who leant me her phone, all of the third floor staff, the Chemo gang, and the pharmacists Liz and Emily; the KLH social worker Dave; the faithful Winlaw paramedics Dean, Ruth and Cathy; the staff at the Kelowna cancer Lodge especially  Maureen, and so many others.

We also want to thank the staff of Winlaw School, the Native Elders, our fabulous friends and our awesome community for caring for us. Thank you all.

In his own words Curtis said, “Just want to say thanks to everyone who has made my stay here so great. It was a short but fun one. Regrets? I should have traveled more. See you all on the flip side. ♥ Will miss you all …till then. Good bye.”

A celebration Curtis’ life will be held in the spring.

Online condolences may be expressed at
Funeral arrangements are under the directions of Thompson Funeral Service Ltd.

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