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Year of the Entrepreneur special event

Follow the real life evolution of The Warren Featherbone Company, founded in 1883, in a Community Futures special presentation April 16 for Year of the Entrepreneur.

In its 128-year history, the company has been active in agriculture, banking, publishing, philanthropy and manufacturing. Crisis has helped reinvent the company.

That reinvention has often been non-linear, based not so much on what the company has done, but on what is at the core: its DNA.

Gus Whalen is the chairman of The Warren Featherbone Company of Gainesville, GA. Of particular interest to Whalen is education, manufacturing and philanthropy, which he believes have worked together to help strengthen communities across America.

Whalen is the author of four books: The Featherbone Principle, The Featherbone Spirit, The Gift of Renewal and his fourth book, Hooked at the Roots, The Evolution of Featherbone Communiversity.

Whalen is a mild mannered southern gentleman who will deliver one of the most inspired presentations you will ever hear. His message is: expect change (often radical), stay open to the possibilities of that change and understand that your organization will evolve based on your unique DNA, who you are and not just what you have always done.

Tickets are $20 and group rates are available. Please call the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce at 352-3433 to order your ticket now.

Please see attached link below for more info, or call Lisa Cannady at 352-1933 x105.