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Yard Waste Program all set to collect

 All those raked leaves, brush trimmings and grass clippings you’re dealing with this autumn don’t have to hit the landfill, thanks to the City of Castlegar.

Councillor Kevin Chernoff says the city’s yard waste program has been a popular one for several years now, as residents embrace green alternatives presented to them by the civic works department.
“There are three benefits – the environmental plus of not having that material go to the landfill, the cost-savings to the taxpayer resulting from reduced tipping fees, and the compost we end up with enriches city landscapes,” he said.
He said you can pick the bags up for free at City Hall, Civic Works or the Complex, then leave the bags out on one of your designated days and the city will pick them up free of charge (North Castlegar, up to and including Woodland Park, Oct. 18 and Nov. 1, and for South Castlegar, between Century 21 and Blueberry Creek, Oct. 19 and Nov. 2).
The material will then be composted and used to fertilize parks, flowerbeds and planters throughout the city next year.
Chernoff also encouraged residents to keep an eye out for more of Castlegar’s green initiatives, such as the Fall Sustainability Event and the kitchen composters program.
For more information, call City Hall at 250-365-7227.