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Where the sole meets the road: Ryan Oakley takes his love for home one step further (click picture for video)

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

Everyone builds affinity for the place they live in.

Some take it one step further than calling themselves “from” a place, however.

That step is the basis of newly minted Nelsonite Ryan Oakley’s Nelson Walking Audio Tour, a vocally-guided jaunt through the place the engineer-by-day and entrepreneur-by-night now calls home.

Through his company View Street Media, Oakley is attempting to muster around $7,000 to pull together a team of local talent to make the hour-long tour, with the ultimate goal of offering it for rental out of the city’s museum and art gallery, Touchstones Nelson.

The intent of the tour is to be entertaining, for both tourists and locals alike, said Oakley.  When he arrived in Nelson, Oakley began to see an audio tour was a perfect fit for the Heritage city.

“I have experienced audio tours and know how much they enhance the experience of a place like a museum or a city,” he said. “And I know Nelson has some great stories to tell.”

But he also wanted to give something back to the city he has fallen in love with. In View Street Media (click on, Oakley believes he can create a company that can put money back into the community, and promote the business and art culture of Nelson.

Local actor/producer/historian Richard Rowberry from TNT Playhouse will be the narrator, and he will be hiring local sound engineers, graphic designers, and web developers.

His unique fundraising campaign will create the company's first product — a walking audio tour of Nelson — and he is $4,400 along the way to his $7,000 goal (click on to contribute to the fundraising campaign).

Oakley is still looking for contributors to the campaign, with 34 people already having stepped forward. Contributors receive various "perks" with their contribution, Oakley explained, the least of which is a copy of the tour when it's ready.

“But there are also wonderful photos by local photographer Phil Best ( and even homemade wheat-free cookies,” he said.

The fundraising deadline is Nov. 30 and his goal is to have the tour ready by the end of May 2011.

You can also check out Oakley and View Street Media on Facebook at