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UPDATE: Hopley appears in court to stand on charges

It was the first day in court Wednesday for Randall Hopley, the man accused of abducting three-year-old Kienan Hebert from his home in Sparwood, the Vancouver Province reports.


Hopley, 46, was ordered in Cranbrook Court to undergo a medical assessment to determine if he is fit to stand trial, as he faces charges of abduction of a child, break and enter and breach of probation.

Hopley’s lawyer asked for a psychiatric assessment on him. Hopley will remain in custody until his next court appearance on Nov. 9.

Hopley was captured Tuesday in Crowsnest Lake, Alta., after a week-long manhunt. He is accused of abducting the three-year-old boy from his bed in Sparwood sometime before 8:30 a.m. last Wednesday.

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From Monday

RCMP are being quiet as few details are available about the safe return of three-year-old Kienan Hebert Sunday morning, The Vancouver Province is reporting Monday.

Police aren’t offering any explanation on how the boy was returned undetected to his Sparwood home as it could jeopardize the investigation.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said the investigation is currently focused on finding Randall Hopley, 46, the main suspect in the abduction case.

From Sunday

The story that gripped mothers, fathers and grandparents from coast to coast has a happy ending.

During the early hours of Sunday morning, Cpl. Dan Moskaluk of the B.C. RCMP  said three-year-old Kienan Hebert was returned to his home in Sparwood.

The news came on the heels of an emotional plea made by the Hebert family to the suspected abductor, Randall Hopley. The child was left in the Hebert home, which was empty as the family was staying with friends.

Police then received a 9-11 call and arrived at the home to find the child.

“We can confirm that three-year-old Kienan Hebert is safe and sound and alive. He appears to be in good general health,” Moskaluk said, adding he had never seen an outcome like this in 26 years of policing.

“I truly want to smile about this because it’s not very often that these types of things happen in these types of investigations, frankly.”

Suspect Hopley remains at large and police have set up road checks on the roads and highways leading in and out of Sparwood. They’re stopping cars and trucks to check in trunks and compartments.

Moskaluk told the media the RCMP would like Hopley to get in touch with police.

“We need to speak to you. It’s very, very important that we speak to you, Randy. Our main concern now is for you to contact us,” he said.

Moskaluk would not say whether the Hebert home was under surveillance when the child was returned.

“With respect to the (suspected) abductor placing the child back in the home undetected, is a very chilling prospect,” he said.

Police remain on the lookout for the Hopley vehicle, a 1987 brown Toyota Camry. But for now everyone associated with this incident can breath a sigh of relief.

“We’ve got a child returned. I’ve never been able to say that,” Moskaluk said.

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