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Thousands drop everything and read on Canadian National School Library Day

By Jeff Yasinchuk, BC Teacher-Librarians’ Assoc.

Over 65,000 students and nearly 19,000 teachers, parents, and school volunteers participated in the Drop Everything and Read event on Oct. 25, including hundreds of readers in Nelson.

In conjunction with Canadian National School Library Day on Oct. 25, the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians’ Association (BCLTA) sponsored its fourth annual province-wide Drop Everything and Read event — a regular celebration of literacy in the province.

The BCTLA are continuing to lobby the BC liberal government, local members of the legislative assembly, and the new minister of Education, to have the fourth Monday of every October recognized as BC School Library Day.

The group also plans to continue its outreach work by connecting with parent groups around the province including local DPACs (District Parent Advisory Committees) and the provincial association, BCCPAC.

In the future, the BCTLA hopes to make Drop Everything and Read a nation-wide event highlighting the importance of national literacy.

For all the details about DEAR 2010, visit their blog at You can also follow the group on Twitter @BCTLA_DEAR and find them on Facebook, too.