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St. Paddy's weekend relatively light for NPD, someone shows disgust for PM

Despite St. Patrick Day falling on Saturday and Nelson’s downtown core being extremely busy, Nelson Police Department had a relatively light weekend responding to 51 calls between Friday and Monday.

Some incidents reported include NPD responding to a domestic dispute in progress in the 400 block of Baker Street Friday.

When police arrived they found an intoxicated male. He was arrested and faces several charges relating to a previous assault and his breaching of several court imposed conditions.

Saturday, NPD was called to the Hume Liquor Store where staff found a male and female consuming alcohol in the laneway next to the store.

The male allegedly displayed a knife and threatened staff. Members were on scene within one minute and were able to arrest the male a block away. The male was in possession of a knife contrary to court restrictions and has been remanded in custody.

Charges of threatening and possession of a weapon along with the breach of his conditions have been put forth.

Early Sunday morning police responded to a 911 call for a domestic in progress in the Hospital area.

A female was located screaming for help in the front yard and a male was arrested inside the home. Charges are pending against a 38 year old Nelson man for assault.

Prime Minister not very well liked by someone in Nelson

Monday, the Nelson Police was called regarding an effigy which was hanging from a rope from the upper section of a building in the 500 block of Baker Street.

The effigy had a sign “Stop Harper”. 

Several members of the public initially thought that someone was in peril and 911 calls were placed.

No person took responsibility for the event and the effigy was hung from a publicly accessible point hampering identification of the offender.

The Nelson Police Department would like to point out the inappropriateness of the violent nature of this particular “protest”, ie a realistic depiction that had members of the public thinking someone had committed suicide or was the subject of foul play.

Also during the weekend, there were three reports of new graffiti on commercial buidings in the downtown area.

Any information regarding who is responsible can be forwarded to the Nelson Police Department or Crime Stoppers.