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SPOTLIGHT FILMS: Humorous look at father and son relationships

Fathers and Sons, a humorous work by director Carl Bessai (Emile) will be featured at the upcoming Spotlight Films night at the Gem Theatre in Grand Forks.
In this film Bessai strays somewhat from his usual fare of tight fisted drama. Filmed in Vancouver Fathers and Sons weaves four stories of relatives in various stages of family crisis complete with the accompanying drama and laughs.
In the words of Ken Eisner of the Georgia Straight, “Fathers and Sons improv is sharp and funny........The most unpredictable chapter has Bernie (Benjamin Ratner, several episodes of DaVinci's City Hall) as a volatile teacher who finally meets his birth father, Anton, a Russian reprobate played hilariously by Jay Brazeau (Best in Show), at his mother's funeral.” 
It is this funeral that introduces the audience to the onslaught of dysfunctional relationships highlighting the inability of men to share emotions. What more can be said about a father/son bonding experience that devolves into a knife fight?
Then there is a tale of sibling rivalry amongst four brothers vying for the estate of their fallen patriarch. The humour in this chapter may be somewhat muted.
What series about 21st century father/son relationships would be complete without the tale of Cameron (Stephen Lobo) about to marry his one true love and whose father, Sutish (Manoj Sood) a flamboyant and gay Bollywood choreographer, attends the wedding of his son, the product of a one and only heterosexual one night stand?
Cameron's prejudices surface, threatening to destabalize the union. Lobo and Sood will be recognized by those of you familiar with CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie.
Lastly, Blu (Blu Mankuma, several episodes of Tinmen and Smallville), in a fit of community mindedness, hands his life savings over for the development of a community centre thus fueling the ire of his son, who feels his father has been taken advantage of by blood-sucking volunteers.

This well performed comic ensemble will be shown at the Gem Theatre on Tuesday, Jun. 28 at 7:30 p.m. Spotlight Films would like to thank their patrons and sponsors who assist them to bring these films into Grand Forks.