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The Soul Of Discipline: Kim John Payne

The Soul Of Discipline: Kim John Payne

@ Capitol Theatre, Friday, Sept. 23, 6:30 p.m.

  • Tickets: all seats $10

A parent’s journey is filled with both precious moments and difficult situations.

Our sense of how we are doing is often determined by the way in which we respond to the flashpoints of parenting. These moments will either refine or consume us.

Parenting and discipline styles have changed over the years yet often these influences flow into our family and classroom life today.

It is so revealing to explore discipline styles past and present, from the old blind obedience to behaviour modifications based on punishment and reward or even to our present day behaviour affirmation, often expressed as the good job culture.

While these tools have their place, this presentation will set out three cumulative discipline phases. Firstly, training creative compliance for the young child, secondly, building emotional skills for the elementary age, and lastly, for the teenager, managing critical choices.

This event is generously sponsored by the Nelson Waldorf School.