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Sliding semi barely misses firefighters attending MVI

Photo from Trail Firefighters Society social media page.

Local firefighters are reminding residents to drive to winter conditions after tragedy was barely averted this morning when slippery roads caught more than one driver off guard.

Regional Fire Chief Dan Derby said crews were called to an MVI about five kilometres east of Fruitvale at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

“She (the driver) had to be extricated, as her vehicle had come to rest on its side,” Derby said. “She was in stable condition when she was transferred to the care of BCAS (And transported to hospital).”

Moments after crews arrived on scene, a semi truck came around a corner and was unable to stop due to icy conditions, according to a social media post by Fruitvale Firefighters Society.

“This forced the driver of the semi to drive off the road narrowly missing our fire truck and firefighters who were exiting the fire truck. Please help protect YOUR emergency services personnel by slowing down and driving to the conditions.”