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Sell out crowd helps celebrate 20th Annual Kootenay Pride Parade

There was a whole lot of love happening Sunday afternoon on Baker Street in Nelson during the Kootenay Pride Parade. — Photos by Brendan Quinn, The Nelson Daily

The Kootenay Pride Parade celebrated its 20th anniversary with style and pomp on Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of people lined Baker Street in Nelson waving rainbow flags and clever signs to cheer on the parade, which is marking its 20th year since beginning in 1996.

NDP MLA for Nelson-Creston Michelle Mungall was in attendance yet again, tossing candy out of the sunroof as children scrambled with each other to get their piece.

In fact, children were a huge part of this year’s event and their appearance and attitude a clear indication of how Nelson parents are raising their kids.

From rainbow face paint to homemade signs encouraging acceptance, equality and love, the tinier members of the community were everywhere to be seen in the crowd and the parade itself.

It probably didn’t hurt that there was plenty of candy and treats being tossed into the crowd from the parade goers.

Another interesting and fantastic element of the parade was the presence of nearly every church in the city. Despite the often-combative history between religion and the LGBTQ community, church organizations and supporters were marching side-by-side with the other parade goers, a sign of unity indicative of the Nelson vibe.

The fun can’t last forever, and after all the noise and revelry was over Baker St. returned to normal.

However, the atmosphere love and acceptance that Nelson is known for remained and there were still a few rainbow flags fluttering in the wind.