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Scaramouche Jones live theatre at Grid Gallery

Scaramouche Jones

Live theatre at Grid Gallery, Thursday, Feb. 3, 8 p.m.

Performed by Michael Graham with set and promotional design by Shayne Brandel.


Scaramuccia, also known as Scaramouche, is a roguish clown character of the Italian commedia dell'arte who wears a black mask and black trousers, shirt and hat.

He is usually portrayed as a buffoon or boastful clown; in this latter capacity, he can be considered a smaller derivative of Il Capitano. The character was invented by a 17th Century Italian actor, Tiberio Fiorelli.

He sometimes wears glasses. He entertains the audience by his "grimaces and affected language." Salvator Rosa says that Coviello (like Scaramouche) is "sly, adroit, supple, and conceited."

Both Scaramouche and Coviello can be clever or stupid — as the actor sees fit to portray him.

The name was that of a stock character in 17th Century Italian farce, Scaramuccia (literally "skirmish"), who, attired usually in a black Spanish dress, burlesquing a don, was beaten by Harlequin for his boasting and cowardice.

Scaramouche is one of the iconic characters in the Punch and Judy puppet shows (a performative art with roots in commedia dell'arte).

Source: Wikipedia


Grid Gallery is located at 351-B Baker St. (back lane entrance)

Shows run Thursday to Saturday night at 8 p.m. (doors at 7:30 p.m.). Last scheduled show is Saturday, Feb. 19.
Tickets: at Grid Gallery are $15 in advance or $18 at door.
Grid: 1.888.446.9390