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Richard Carver winner Zaynab Mohammed

Born in Vancouver, Zaynab Mohammed now lives in the Slocan Valley. — Submitted photo

Zaynab Mohammed joins a long list of amazing people and writers to claim the Richard Carver Award for Emerging Writers.

Writers like Donna Macdonald and Alanda Greene in 2016; Diana Morita Cole in 2017; Morty Mint and Ernest Hekkanen in 2018 writer, poet Rayya Liebich in 2019 and author Danielle LaRocque om 2020 and last year Sarah Beauchamp.

The Carver Award recognizes an emerging writer who has published literary work in any genre.

Born in Vancouver, Mohammed, who lives in the Slocan Valley, sat down with The Nelson Daily Daily Dose writer Sarah Lord to answer a few questions regarding the Carver honour.

Read the interview by clicking this link: