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RDCK establishes bylaw for three rural water systems in preparation for acquisition

Three rural regional district communities are on the road to improved water service after the regional district board of directors voted to establish water service area bylaws for their communities.

Woodbury village, Rosebery Highlands and Grandview Properties all had service area bylaws established Sept. 27 by the Regional District of Central Kootenay board, as the regional government looks to acquire their water systems.

In Grandview, 70 per cent of those who voted on the service Sept. 9 were in favour of establishing the water service, with 78 per cent in Rosebery being in favour and 65 per cent in favour of the service in Woodbury.

Each system had undergone extensive evaluation under the RDCK’s Water and Sewer Acquisition Policy.

“Staff are of the opinion that these systems have met assessment criteria and have low financial or liability risk,” read a staff report from the Environmental Services department.

The board decided the regional district had the capacity to manage the systems, with the benefit to the communities ranging from medium (Grandview, Rosebery) to medium-high (Woodbury).

Once they are acquired, the new water systems are expected to be financially self-sustaining.

The fee structure to finance the administrational portion of the water services will see every user connection contribute $100 annually to the environmental services department.

The final overall budget and cost for the water services have yet to be determined.