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RDCK to create a new park: Crescent Valley Beach

A 6.4-acre chunk of very popular, but once private, Slocan Valley land was donated to the people of the Regional District of Central Kootenay at the Oct. 20 regular board meeting.

Crescent Valley Beach is a popular summertime recreation area used extensively by residents and tourists for swimming, rafting and kayaking.

Area H Director Walter Popoff said he was pleased with the Board’s decision to accept the lands and reiterated the value of the property to Slocan Valley residents.

“It is a cornerstone of Slocan Valley culture and, hopefully, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy this property now and forever,” he said.

In accepting the land, the board also adopted a purpose and operations statement for the park (to view the document, visit

Once the land has been transferred to the RDCK in early 2012, planning work will be initiated with the intention of creating a parking lot and safer highway access to the park.

“The next step there is getting all of those vehicles off the road,” he said about the peak summer use the area sees. “We’ll be trying to source funds for that.”