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Quick thinking RCMP officer saves lives of two Cranbrook residents after fire guts downtown core

A view of the destruction from down the street in Cranbrook. — The Nelson Daily photos

A routine patrol of the downtown core of Cranbrook by an alert local RCMP officer may have saved the lives of two downtown residents. 

In the early hours of Tuesday, a member of the Cranbrook RCMP was downtown and noted smoke in the downtown core.

The officer located the source and saw smoke coming out of the rear of 806 Baker St and upon closer inspection saw flame through a rear window.

Other police officers responded and the Cranbrook Fire Department was called.

The police officers were not able to gain access to the building and were driven back by erupting flames but they were successful in making enough noise to wake the only two known occupants of the building.

After verbal contact was made, the two occupants fled to the roof of an adjacent building where they were evacuated by the Fire Department.

"We are thankful for our members quick thinking and alertness during a seemingly routine patrol of the downtown area," said acting OIC Sgt Laurie Jalbert.

There are no known injuries and the Fire Department remains on the scene at this time.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is being investigated by the Fire Department and RCMP.