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Putting power in the hands of the people

A new amendment to the Clean Energy Act could allow families to finance energy efficiency improvements to their homes through a utility company loan.

Bill No.7, the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2011 was introduced in the legislature Thursday by Attorney General Barry Penner.

If passed it will amend:

Clean Energy Act

An amendment allows B.C. families and businesses to finance energy efficiency improvements to their homes or businesses through a loan from their utility company, BC Hydro or FortisBC.

Through Pay-as-you-Save (PAYS) financing, British Columbians can pay for energy efficiency improvements on their utility bill and have the option to transfer the loan to the next owner/renter when they move.

In many cases, B.C. families and businesses will be able to cover the cost of energy efficiency retrofits through their energy savings.

Adult Guardianship and Planning Statutes Amendment Act

Amendments will make minor revisions.

Included in the changes is a provision that will permit an attorney acting under an enduring power of attorney to access property belonging to an adult who appointed the attorney.

Family Maintenance Enforcement Act

The amendments will streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary filing requirements and make the enforcement of maintenance obligations more effective.

The amendment will also reduce workload and costs for court services and family maintenance enforcement program staff.

Ministry of Environment Act

Authorizes publication of personal information regarding individuals with overdue fines owing under environmental legislation.

The amendments build on existing authority in the act that authorizes the publication of information about environmental violators.