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Powder University kicks off in the West Kootenay

Public domain photo by Tim Bottomley,

This season Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH Heli-Skiing) is expanding their Powder University curriculum to include five new trips under the all new Powder U.

Powder 101: The Intro – Girl’s School

Four-day program, March 8-12, 2012, CMH Revelstoke.

The group will have its own dedicated pair of guide/instructors to turn each run into an alpine classroom.

Equipped with video cameras, the guides will be recording each participant's progress, then screening the results daily in an aprés-ski setting guaranteed to keep the learning — and the laughter — rolling.

Avi Skills 201: Backcountry

Five-day program, Feb 23-28, 2012 with CMH Kootenay.

Led by CMH guide and longtime Canadian Avalanche Association executive Rob Whelan, the course will focus on building a decision-making framework based on the latest in snow and terrain assessment.

Graduates will earn their CAA Avalanche Skills Level One, a prerequisite for further professional-calibre training.

Powder 203: Big Trees

Five-day program, Mar 3-10, 2012 with CMH Monashees.

With this program, conducted amidst the world's finest old-growth-forest skiing terrain, you'll get hands-on instruction of a set of skills from line selection to turning technique that will have you slaying trees like Paul Bunyan.

Powder 215: Film School

Five-day program, Mar 22-26, 2012 with CMH Gothics.

If the recent explosion in the use of GoPro helmet cameras has taught anything, it is that we have probably reached the aesthetic limit of point-of-view photography.

But that's OK, because clever videographers like professor Guy Clarkson will teach you a raft of shooting and editing tricks that will change the reaction of your ski-video audience from Boo to Boo-yeah.

Powder 401: Steep Shots & Pillow Drops

Five-day program, Feb 18-23, 2012 at CMH Kootenay and Mar 26-31, 2012 at CMH Revelstoke.

Enter the guides who have designed a freeride program for advanced skiers who want to ramp up their steep skills, and especially their ability to trampoline from one snow mushroom to the next in total control.

If you prefer quality over quantity, this is the course for you.