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POLICE: Armed standoff in Midway ends without injury

A 61-year-old man wielding a shotgun surrendered to police after a four hour stand-off last night in Midway, B.C.

At about 7 p.m. police responded to a call that a man had loaded weapons and was threatening to harm himself in his home.

RCMP members of the Boundary Regional Detachment (Midway and Grand Forks) secured the area warning neighbours and putting paramedics on standby.

The area around the home was blocked off by the Midway Fire Department keeping traffic a safe distance from the situation.

"Police, with the assistance of a close family friend, negotiated with the man," said Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison. "At approximately 10:05 p.m. police heard a single shot come from within the house."

Telephone contact was regained with the man, Harrison added, who had accidently discharged his shotgun allegedly injuring his shoulder.

Police finally talked the man down and he came out of the house unarmed and surrendered at 11 p.m.. After treatment it was apparent that the man did not suffer any wounds from the accidental shot.

Several unregistered firearms were seized at the scene and an investigation is ongoing.