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Letters to the Editor

by Letters to the editor on 17 December 2020 - 1:25pm

To The Editor:

While 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered by most for the COVID-19 pandemic, a young couple from Castlegar, Brett and Kendra (Wayling) Uniat, will remember it for the birth of their amazing daughter Zoey, born on October 12, Thanksgiving Day. 

Zoey is now nine weeks old and last week was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called “...

by Letters to the editor on 16 December 2020 - 9:42am

To The Editor:

A very big thank you and warm energetic support to the hardworking Postal Workers at the Vernon Street branch (in Nelson).

The line goes down the block and the wait to mail out this morning was one hour, but luckily, I was dressed warmly and had brought a book with me.

They were working efficiently and as quickly as they could...

by Letters to the editor on 13 December 2020 - 10:00pm

To The Editor:

How to occupy your time during a shutdown is something with which we are all having to deal. 

In this digital age it is so much easier to have access to and indeed create content  and have it posted on the internet.  As consumers it is important to be able to sort that content in to the good, bad and ugly.  With a little effort one can...

by Letters to the editor on 30 November 2020 - 7:16am

To The Editor:

The recent mail out by Kootenay-Columbia Conservative MP, Rob Morrison reeks of right wing short sighted rhetoric.

Appointed to O’Toole’s “shadow cabinet” for National Security, Morrison’s long winded propaganda flyer nowhere mentions the effects of environmental...

by Letters to the editor on 23 November 2020 - 3:28pm

To The Editor:

Top international lawyers to draft definition of "Ecocide" 75 years after Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide coined at Nuremberg.

It’s an extraordinary moment to be launching this project as the first international trials are remembered at Nuremberg. 75 years on, humanity faces a new and global threat: climate and ecological crisis...

by Letters to the editor on 19 November 2020 - 6:44am

Rob Morrison’s Fall 2020 Newsletter is both disappointing and concerning.

Disappointing because it’s been over a year since the 2019 Federal election and this is only the second time we’ve heard from our MP.

I say only the second time because Canada’s House of Commons encourages regular communication between MPs and their constituents, covering the costs of designing, printing...

by Letters to the editor on 16 November 2020 - 7:00am

To The Editor:

I just received a campaign flyer from my MP Rob Morrison.  I have some concerns about the content.  There is a certain luxury to being in opposition in that you don’t have to have demonstrated your performance in the situation for which you are being critical. 

The endorsement from other party members intended to add credibility to the...

by Letters to the editor on 2 November 2020 - 8:10am

To The Editor:

(The following Letter has been sent to)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland:

Two new reports have come to my attention which I wish to share with you both.

The first is by David Hughes, a renowned energy expert, and written for the Canadian...

by Letters to the editor on 18 October 2020 - 1:14pm

To the Editor:

Imagine it's October, 2030. That special four year old in your life will be fourteen. Will the skies be filled with smoke? Will there still be caribou? Will Kootenays communities have drinkable water? 

What kind of a life will children be inheriting? And what are you willing...

by Letters to the editor on 5 October 2020 - 10:07am

To The Editor:

As a constituent in the Federal riding of Kootenay – Columbia, I wanted to find out how the values and issues of my newly elected representative and his Party aligned with my own.

The obvious solution for that would be to write my representative and ask.  It actually started before the Federal election, when I asked questions on the then...