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Letters to the Editor

by Letters to the editor on 29 November 2015 - 10:23am

To The Editor:

As Black Friday has come and gone followed by the impending Christmas season I begin to worry about my days. I am fully in support of various causes and events of awareness but our 24 hour slots are quickly being consumed by 'special days'. Failing to stem the tide we risk finding ourselves with a day shortage.

Cyber Monday,...

by Letters to the editor on 24 November 2015 - 7:58pm

To The Editor:

Dear Mayor Kozak, and City Councilors:

As a health care provider and a business in the City of Nelson I am appalled and extremely frustrated by your lack of action regarding the access issues your Stores to Shores project has created in front of my office. I made you aware of these concerns in early...

by Letters to the editor on 18 November 2015 - 8:04pm

To The Editor:

Dear Mayor Hamling,

We are writing to you in your capacity as Chair, and to all Regional District Central Kootenay Directors, to remind you that our property taxes and recycling fees are in part used to pay your stipends and staff salaries so that you can provide services to us, not design services to suit the needs...

by Letters to the editor on 15 November 2015 - 10:45am

To The Editor:

I am writing to alert dog loving Nelsonites that the off leash dog park by the lake is no longer safe to visit.

A few months ago my friends dog Scout was attacked by a vicious off lead dog and was severely injured.

After surgery, thankfully, Scout survived but he and his owner will no longer go to the beach walk. A week ago I took...

by Letters to the editor on 3 November 2015 - 8:03pm

To the Editor:

Dear Ms Stead:

The Globe and Mail has just written off the Green Party of Canada as irrelevant as a result of the election numbers they have found. I suggest they do their sums again.

In the three provinces where the Green Party have an elected MP and/or an elected MLA the results were as follows:...

by Letters to the editor on 15 October 2015 - 9:51pm

To the Editor:

There is another important reason to vote out Harper that I have yet to see in print, so I bring it to voters’ attention now. Simply put, 4 more years of Harper risks ruining the tourism industry in the Kootenays.

Let me explain. Thanksgiving weekend my girlfriend and I made the long drive from Vancouver to the Kootenays to...

by Letters to the editor on 13 October 2015 - 8:00pm

To the Editor:

Kootenay Columbia voters should be worried there are candidates running for office who don’t understand the giant benefit of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The Elk Valley yields metallurgical coal. BC production generates...

by Letters to the editor on 13 October 2015 - 7:54pm

To the Editor:

I moved to Nelson two years ago from Cranbrook. I’ve known Wayne Stetski and his family for the last twenty years. We worked closely together with Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook in 2009 to reverse the City Council’s plan to incorporate a huge land parcel extending Cranbrook’s boundary significantly. 

I assisted in the campaign to elect...

by Letters to the editor on 13 October 2015 - 8:14am

To the Editor:

I am deeply concerned about the misinformation being spread in our riding about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Former Conservative MP Jim Abbott, now senior advisor to the David Wilks election campaign, trumpets the new trade agreement as “a gigantic...

by Letters to the editor on 12 October 2015 - 8:32am

To The Editor:

The recently negotiated (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP trade agreement is another example of the Harper Conservatives trying to throw the Election in their favour.

Again Harper has shown his disdain for democracy by ignoring the Canadian Constitution.

According to our Constitution, when Harper dissolved...