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OP/ED: Lethal interjection

Some days I wonder if our country should adopt a harsher attitude towards punishing certain criminals. To read the front of the Province recently and see triple child killer Allan Schoenborn faced with being granted days of freedom really made me want to see some Texan laws imported and applied liberally. He has since withdrawn his request but it’s not his angle that concerns me, it’s our country’s tepid legal system.
The level of sympathy from the review board for this maniac is unacceptable. To even waste time hearing his reasoning is far beyond any time limit this delusional psychopath deserves. Mental imbalance or not, his plea to "go to the mall for a coffee," shouldn't even be heard unless it’s a muffled cry from inside a padded room.
"Here is a can of MJB, envision a mall in your delusions."
As an avid coffee drinker, I also can't figure out why mall coffee is his drink of choice. If I were incarcerated I’d be aiming higher than Starbucks on my big day out. That must have been part of his insanity plea.
"I thought I’d miss my new daily routine, so I'll have Starbucks charge me six bucks and stick it to me the same way during my holiday."
I wonder if his barista shared the same level of sympathy for him.
"I recently killed my three kids and have had a hard time sleeping, better make it a venti."
There must be a soft spot for child killers as Kim Noyes also saw the light of day last September on the condition that she "keep the peace." Do they literally slap people on the wrist for emphasis? 
Puppies owned by hippies are met with more discipline for peeing on a cheap afghan rug than these people have gotten for killing youth.
To the board’s credit, she wasn't allowed to have weapons. Well, that's a relief. I'm sure the entire area was devoid of sharp instruments during her big day out. 
"Too harsh," declares a friend of mine of my opinion as we discuss this case. For once I agree - I agree that this man is delusional, and, yes, I see he’s to be treated differently. But that doesn’t bring those kids back to life, and it doesn’t mean he should be integrated back to society anytime soon.
This is up there with the low blood sugar excuse which I could fully exploit. "Yes your honour I went coo-coo for cocoa puffs and killed three people in traffic today, but as long as I’m near a freakin’ Jugo Juice I’m a-ok."
The board assisted Schoenborn’s quest for a day out to the point where I would like to know what other perks he could have been granted should he have seen it through. Hell, get him some quarters to ride the coin operated horse while he debates which kids to snuff at Baby Gap.
Did someone say babies? This man who killed his five, eight and 10-year-olds actually opted to use the phrase "baby steps" when discussing his progress. Really? Baby steps? Could you not have chosen some words that didn’t bring to mind young kids as you look for sympathy for your condition?
That would be like Chris Brown declaring he could "beat" his inner demons, or O.J. Simpson taking a "swipe" at behaving. Or, if that’s too dated, it's like Bob Pickton being eager to "pick up the pieces."
The wording just does them no favours. Listen crims, your life consists of books and absolutely nothing else aside from terrifying shower visits. You have no excuses for poor syntax outside of an uncomfortable time sitting on a stool to spell check your psychotic requests.
Schoenborn was declared a threat to society due to anger issues, yet was still nearly sent to the mall. How does "delusional threat" become remedied by a jaunt through a crowded shopping centre teeming with kids?
I’m somewhat stable, but even I have had urges to kill while standing behind the idiot who’s still unsure if their debit card is of the swipe or chip variety. "Stick it in the bottom," can easily be constructive and suggestive criticism when lodged behind one of these wizards.

Granted, the solution to this issue is tricky due to the mental state of these people. Simply applying the same level of justice that was thankfully doled out in the teen killer case that has seen two youth essentially tried as adults for the murder of a young girl doesn’t work.  That said, you don't see that judge handing out quarters and sending these two to the arcade.