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Olympic letter to Rossland 3

 Hey Rossland,

I hope that your Christmas holidays all went extraordinarily well!  I ate too much turkey of course… and continue to.  As the family guests are heading out of town, I thought I should take a spare moment to catch up with you.  In a week I will be heading to Europe for the first part of the World Cup Tour; so it may be a while before I have the chance to write again. 

Since my last entry, I endured another ski camp at Panorama.  I say endured because the temperature on the ski hill was -29 (before wind chill) for 3 days straight, preceded by one at -25 and followed by a balmy -22.  Nothing like a little athletic tape across your face to avoid the frostbite. 

My usual strapping process creates a situation where I am cold before I even start, so in an effort to get more runs in I spent the week strapping in while inside (ski and all attached), then my staff would throw me on a luggage cart and straight out to the snow; I love making a spectacle of myself!  

I managed to work out a couple of more kinks with my gear and actually spend a few days skiing.  Yes, I was skiing in previous camps, but when you adjust something every run, it doesn’t do much for building the miles.  My shoulder did not bother me too badly while I skied… just the rest of the time.  Maybe I should just ski for 12 hours a day; then I could live pain free!

Over the past 10 days I have spent some time at Red Mountain: in the rain, in the powder, and above the Kootenay sea…  it’s always nice to ride at home!  I’m trying to be on for a couple, off for a couple, to make sure I get some rest before race season. 

I leave to Austria for the first two (primarily technical) races of the World Cup circuit on Jan 3rd.  From there we will head to Sestriere, Italy for a few speed events.  It should be a comfort to put on the long boards on a hill I am so familiar with; I think this is the 5th time I will have raced in Sestriere.  I will be back in Rossland at the end of January just in time for the best snow of the season, I am sure!

For anyone paying attention to the Rossland Olympic Challenge… Please save the date and look for flyers:  January 30th !!!  This will be the final event, and a big party for George and I at the Miner’s Hall.  There will be music by many of the local favorites, bevies, draw prizes, etc.  Please drag out everyone you know, and come out to support us.  I will be there, having just returned from being on tour, and would love the opportunity to party with everyone before the big event~!

Bye for now.  Wishing you all the best for the New Year,