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Occupy Nelson holds public meeting to thank community and plot the future

Many of the protest signs have been taken down outside the Nelson Courthouse by the Occupy Nelson protesters. The group has scheduled a meeting for Thursday at the Scout Hall to map out future strategy.

Occupy Nelson is going to occupy the Scout Hall on Cedar Street for a community meeting Thursday beginning at 7 p.m.

“This meeting is a chance for the community to come back together and start discussing how we want to move forward,” said Kendra Cooper from Occupy Nelson in an emailed press release to The Nelson Daily.

“The fact that the camp is still here is a great victory, but we also need to start thinking about where we want this movement to go in the long term.”

Occupy Nelson camp began following a day of protest Saturday, October 15.

Hundreds of protesters marched through the Nelson streets showing displeasure with the corporate establishment.

The rallying cry for Occupy Nelson, which is the same dominant message of marches that occurred the same day across the planet, is to raise awareness of the growing gap between the top one percent of income earners and the rest of society.

The movement got its start with the thousands protesting in New York City for Occupy Wall Street.

“The support from the community so far has been amazing,” said Occupy Nelson camper known as Stretch.

“People have been bringing food, blankets and warm clothes, participating in the meetings, and generally keeping our spirits high."

“The meeting is a chance for us to show our gratitude and allow the community to have its voice heard,” Stretch added.

“We’re all in this together as the 99 per cent and if we stay united there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.”

Occupy Nelson has confirmed the group plans to pull up stakes to allow Nov. 9 to allow the annual Nov. 11 Remembrance Day Ceremonies to proceed without incident.

One major question up for discussion during Thursday’s meeting is the relocation of the camp for Remembrance Day.

During a meeting with protesters, Nelson Mayor John Dooley offered the City Campground. Dooley held a meeting with the Occupy Nelson group last Friday.