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Occupy for the 98 per cent of us not camping out

To the Editor,

A friend commented last week how badly she felt not knowing a way to support this movement.

Encampments do not appear to be a sustainable way to keep the issues in the public eye through the media.

I propose inviting others to write letters to the editor and maintaining some belief that your journalistic integrity will have you selecting the most worthwhile: probing the issues, the means and the solutions from a diversity of voices.

As a first in what will hopefully be a long series (i.e. readers, please write and invite others to write in the text of your own letters):  I would like to start the process by sharing the following: the book The Moneychangers which examines the little known history and realities of our current money system fundamental to the  proverbial “1/99” split.

Likewise, an historically very significant letter to the editor from our former federal cabinet minister Paul Hellyer published after the Toronto G20 Summit that very simply explains the fractional reserve banking system which makes perpetual growth necessary to avert bankruptcy and collapse, as well as virtually tying government’s hands with respect to its nominal role.

Lastly, there is proportional representation and electoral reform which had a precedent setting and award-winning examination by the Citizen’s Assembly for Electoral Reform in B.C. and which most people did not hear about or understand. This issue is currently the mission of Fairvote Canada (

Andre C. Piver, MD, Nelson


"Whenever government-created money is suggested, the knee-jerk reaction of orthodox economists is that it would be inflationary. That is not correct. It is the quantity of money put into circulation that influences prices, not who prints it."  

   Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer


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