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NPD investigates weekend vandalism in lower Uphill district

Residents of the 300 block of Latimer Street were shocked to see slashed tires and items stolen from vehicles during the weekend. — The Nelson Daily photos

Residents of the 300 block of Latimer Street in Nelson are upset after waking up last weekend to an act of vandalism to parked vehicles in the lower Uphill area of the city.

A resident told The Nelson Daily that the street has witnessed numerous issues of non-violent crime over the past months.

However, during the weekend, residents were shocked to see tires slashed to a few of the vehicles in the block.

“We don’t deserve this as it is expensive and very time consuming to deal with broken-down car, insurance, etc,” the Latimer Street homeowner who wished to remain anonymous said.

“And now (we) feel unsafe parking on our own street in which there is not driveway or garage parking for some of us.”

The resident said the recent incident has been reported to the Nelson Police Department.

Police told the resident that officers will patrol the area more frequently to attempt to curtail the vandalism.

“We don't live on a street littered with expensive cars or houses and feel freaked out and targeted . . . wondering if this will keep happening to us,” the Latimer Street resident said.

“We hope the community can become more aware and help us if they see something.”

Nelson Police told The Nelson Daily that police are aware of the vandalism, that was not reserved to just the 300 block of Latimer Street, and currently have an officer investigating the complaint.

In the meantime, police advise owners to lock vehicles at all times, remove any valuables from view as well if anyone has related information of these acts of vandalism or has video to please contact Nelson Police at 250-354-3919.

This note was left on vehicles to remind vehicle owners of vandalism that occurred in the 300 block of Latimer Street last weekend.