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Nelson student recipient of RCMP Troop 17 Scholarship

Sebastian Bodine of Nelson, pictured with his dog, said the Troop 17 Scholarship will assist with school expenses. — Photo courtesy Trista Verhesen, Authentic Living Photography

Nelson’s Sebastian Bodine is one of four winners of the 2018 Troop 17 Scholarship the RCMP  said in a media release earlier this month.

The Scholarships are awarded to full-time college or university students who've made significant efforts to prevent bullying or harassment in their schools and communities.

“I'm grateful to have received the 2018 Troop 17 Scholarship,” said Bodine, a graduate of L.V. Rogers High School in Nelson.

“I was a Sea Cadet for seven years, two of them spent as a staff cadet and sail coach at HMCS Quadra in Comox, BC. I was considering a career in the military, but I changed my mind during my final year of high school after I completed the RCMP's Youth Academy training program.”

Bodine, now studying law at Selkirk College in Nelson, is considering a career in law enforcement.

“The Troop 17 scholarship helped me with my text book and vehicle expenses," Bodine said.

In 2018, Bodine received the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence as well as 2018 Top Royal Canadian Sea Cadet.