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Nelson Fire Rescue responds to early morning fire, explosion near Gyro Park

Nelson Fire Rescue & Services said a distraught person with no fixed address was found near the fire.

Nelson Fire Rescue & Services responded to the report of a fire and minor explosion early Monday morning in the area between Vernon Street and the top of Gyro Park. 

Nelson Fire Rescue said both on duty members responded immediately as well as two additional members responding from home to the 2:37 a.m. call.

“Upon arrival, a brush fire was observed in a wooded area, mid-slope, covering an area 10 meters by 5 meters, with flames extending 3 meters into the air and trees,” Nelson Fire Rescue said in a media release.

“A distraught person with no fixed address was found near the fire,” Nelson Fire Rescue added.

“The crew removed the person from the area of the fire and assessed them for possible injury.”

They were then escorted to BC Ambulance at street level by two members of Nelson Police Department.

Nelson Fire Rescue said firefighters extended wildland firefighting hose up to the fire and proceeded to extinguish it with 500 gallons (2200 litres) of water, along with firefighting foam.

Nelson Fire Rescue said a small propane cylinder appears to have been in use and the reported explosion is suspected to be from the cylinder venting upon excessive heating.

“The fire is not suspected to be maliciously set,” Nelson Fire Rescue said.

Nelson Fire Rescue said four firefighters responded to the incident with one fire engine and one utility vehicle. 

Nelson Fire Rescue said one injury was reported as a result of this incident.

Nelson Fire Rescue & Services would like to remind residents that as we move into summer with potentially drier conditions, fires can develop and spread rapidly.

Property owners are encouraged to contact Nelson Fire Rescue & Services to request a covid friendly FireSmart assessment of their home to help reduce the risk of a fire starting from falling embers from a nearby fire.

Nelson Fire Rescue said the most important action that homeowners and renters can be take is clear all combustibles such as plants, wood and debris from the first 1.5 meters around homes.