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Nelson’s New Inventive Artist, Zen Wang

Zen Wang trained as a Chinese brush painter, irst developed in China in around 770 BCE. — Submitted photo

Zheng (Zen) Wang is a new Nelson visual artist, filmmaker and storyteller who is using an ancient Chinese painting technique in a new and exciting way.

A new resident to Nelson, arriving from Ontario, Wang specializes in Chinese brush painting but is recently expanding into a wide range of mediums.

He recently showcased his work in the recent Columbia Basin Arts and Culture Tour.

“I’m trained as a Chinese brush painter, but I’ve also transitioned into oil, watercolour, pastel, sculpturing and digital art. In my exhibition, I tried to give my audience the chronological development of me as an artist,” says Wang.

Chinese brush painting has a very long history and was first developed in China in around 770 BCE.

It’s painted on rice paper using natural animal hairbrushes and ink.

These pieces traditionally depicted animals, birds, flowers or other scenes from nature.

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