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NDCU throws in support for a disc golf course

The Nelson Disc Golf Society (NDGS) received some major financial support from the Nelson District Credit Union to install a proposed disc golf course (also known as Frisbee golf) in uphill Nelson.

NDGS, a group of over 40 disc golf enthusiasts/volunteers, is currently waiting for feedback regarding a November presentation they made to Nelson City Council, where they proposed to fund, install, and maintain a disc golf course in zoned parkland between the Salmo-Troup Rail Trail and the Nelson Municipal Cemetery.

The proposal includes building a trail identified in the city’s Active Transportation Plan, as well as new and upgraded hiking trails throughout the disc golf course site that can be enjoyed by both players and non-players.

Disc golf is played much like traditional golf, but instead of using a ball and clubs, players throw a Frisbee at a target to complete a hole.

The uphill site was identified this spring after the forest was partially cleared under the Community Wildfire Protection Program. The remaining trees and topography are ideal obstacles for a disc golf course.

“It’s a fun, free family game we hope to play in a beautiful area of our city; all you need is a Frisbee,” said Mike Moor, one of NDGS’s members. “BC already has over 40 disc golf courses, six of them located in the Kootenays. Frisbee golf is growing in popularity and is now part of the BC Senior Games.”

“The Nelson Disc Golf Society has a solid proposal and a lot of support and momentum for a local disc golf course. We hope the course will be an asset for the entire community,” said Bradley Roulston from the Nelson and District Credit Union. “We supported a similar course in Rossland, which has been a real success story.”

Nelson & District Credit Union isn’t the only organization who feels this proposal is above par.

“We’ve successfully raised over $12,000 from local businesses and the public of our community,” said Chris Charlwood of NDGS. “However, we are still $3,000 short in reaching our $15,000 budget.”

NDGS is asking for permission only to install the targets, trails and signage this spring, in cooperation with the city, at no cost. For more information about the game, proposal, location, map, videos and for contributions, please visit