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Man remains in custody after smashing windows in downtown Nelson

A few windows were damaged in the downtown core after a man went on a rampage early Sunday morning. Submitted photo

Nelson Police said a man in his mid-20's remains in custody following a window smashing spree through downtown Nelson early Sunday (May 21) morning.

NPD Sergeant Dino Falcone said police attended an alarm in downtown Nelson at approximately 5 a.m. after it was reported a window had been smashed.

Falcone said while officers were waiting for the property owner to arrive at the business, they witnessed a 25-year-old man pick up a sandwich board and throw it into another business window.

"Nelson Police quickly apprehended the male and arrested him for two counts of mischief under $5000," Falcone said.

"He was transported to the department and lodged in cells."

Falcone said later that morning the accused was remanded in custody after a bail hearing and is scheduled to attend Nelson Provincial Court on Tuesday May 23, 2017.

Falcone said several businesses and vehicles were damaged overnight and police believe that the accused was acting alone.

"The damage to businesses and vehicles is estimated be in the thousands of dollars," he said.

Falcone said Nelson Police is asking for the public’s assistance if they observed any incident related to this investigation in the early hours of Sunday May 21, 2017.