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Live at the Royal this weekend

Johnny Don't with Dope Cat

Thursday, Feb. 17

Tickets: $7, Showtime 9:30 pm

There is no real true way to describe the music that is JoHnNy DoN't.

With such a wide spectrum of influences you could say that they play anything and everything that is entertainment, and with each song comes a new surprise and an irresistible hook that commands your attention.

With their high energy performance and comedic banter JoHnNy DoN't never leaves a crowd disappointed .... maybe slightly offended, but never disappointed.  

These guys are a high energy rock 'n' roll band ready to rock the Royal.  The dub, funk, ska sounds of Dope Cat will start the night off.  


Brian Rosen and The WhatNow

Friday, Feb. 18

Tickets: $5-$10 sliding scale, Showtime 9:30 pm

Nelson's Brian Rosen and The WhatNow return to the Royal. 

These guys are a rock/reggae/funk band with a humanitarian and Earth-loving message. Performances are passionate and full of energy as they spread their positive message and deliver unstoppable, fearless rhythms. 

The WhatNow is a tight ensemble that holds down a potent groove, hypnotizing the audience.

Carefully crafted songs give way to bouts of adventurous improvisation when this band takes the stage. Come for a night of great music that gets you on your feet.


Synthesis with Billy Bangers

Saturday, Feb. 19

Tickets: $10 - Showtime 10 pm

This is a night with two of Nelson's finest DJ's. 

Synthesis is very diverse, playing many different styles of music while never playing the same mix twice. 

He's a true crowd pleaser and has earned his way in the underground music community.  Billy Bangers, Local Bass Skids DJ will be laying down a night of dance floor bangers. 

Come get your fix with two fine local DJ's.


United Steel Workers of Montreal

Sunday, Feb. 20

Tickets: $10, Showtime 9 pm

Montreal's beloved six-piece, the United Steel Workers of Montreal, have wowed audiences from coast to coast with the infectious draw of their unique brand of blue-collar alt-country.

A potent mix of blues, jazz, country and swing, The USWM’s live performances are filled out with dry wit, tall tales and some outright lies.

Dancing is optional but hard to avoid. 


Tickets available online at, Royal Espresso and at the door.