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Letter: We need political unity

To The Editor:

I write about courage of convictions. Afghanistan has fallen. Will Canada admit its mistake making war there? I hope so. Some Nelsonites will know I protested our war there for a decade, on every Remembrance Day from 2002 to 2013, sometimes at personal risk from very angry members of the ceremony crowds. I hope what I did showed courage in my convictions.

People who do not wish to vaccinate, are being challenged – forced wrongly - to show courage in their conviction that vaccination is a mistake. I disagree with them, but I most surely uphold their right to say No. They have some valid concerns. Yes, they are valid, with respectable scientists’ support -- but that’s not reported in a media-forced consensus that vax is scientifically-backed. Eliminate concerns; don’t rage against conviction.

Divisions among we the People over this issue, when we need political unity against the malevolent and powerful, serves interests other than our own.

Our federal government is making its employees be vaccinated or lose their employment. That is wrong. Quebec is wrong to outlaw religious symbols on its employees - yet the federal government did nothing for those fired workers who wanted religious convictions observed.

Our Prime Minister is not a man of deep convictions, in my observation. He has called an election so he might obtain a majority and increase his party’s power to rule without obstacles inherent in minority situations. Why act outraged? He’s a professional at what he does. He is acting professionally – with a proven conviction - by pursuing majority rule, but he cannot say it. We force him to that hypocrisy. Our BC premier did the same last year. Horgan was rewarded. Trudeau likely will be also.

Charles Jeanes, Nelson, BC