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Letter: Vote strategically, this time

To the Editor:

I moved to Nelson two years ago from Cranbrook. I’ve known Wayne Stetski and his family for the last twenty years. We worked closely together with Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook in 2009 to reverse the City Council’s plan to incorporate a huge land parcel extending Cranbrook’s boundary significantly. 

I assisted in the campaign to elect Wayne Stetski as Mayor of Cranbrook from 2011-14. Wayne defeated the incumbent mayor because citizens saw someone who could get opposing factions to work together for the betterment of the community. 

He toiled to bring the environmentalists, the arts community and the business leaders together in collaboration. Wayne wasn’t re-elected mayor in 2014 because Cranbrookians wanted potholes repaired instead of Wayne’s vision of a community that addressed its multiple needs.

In Kootenay-Columbia we have the chance to defeat the Conservatives by voting for the candidate who can get more ballots marked “X: than incumbent (David) Wilks. 

Local polling indicates that the clear choice is NDP candidate Wayne Stetski. Some don’t like the fact that organizations like Dogwood and LeadNow are canvassing people to vote strategically. But until we have proportional representation, we will elect governments who only enjoy the support of 40% or less of the population. 

As Stetski himself stated at the Nelson United Church debate, “Vote NDP this time, and you will never have to vote strategically again.” 

Our new government’s priority will be to establish proportional representation. 

Finally, I will be able to vote for the candidate of my choice and every vote will count.  MP’s in proportion to the votes their political party earned across our country will represent us in parliament. 

Let’s consider this carefully as we cast our ballot next Monday.  

Gerry Sobie,

Nelson, BC