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Letter: This is the time

To The Editor:

The deadline to give your public input on our new voting system is October 7th. If you have not yet had your say, this is the time

Why is it important?

You  may feel that electoral reform is about as interesting as watching paint dry and completely irrelevant to your life. But in fact, a little proportionality goes a long way.

Have you ever voted to get rid of a dictatorial leader who is hated by everyone you know? 

Do you protest decade after decade for change that never happens? 

Does voting seem like a complete waste of time to you or have you voted your whole life but never elected anyone?

Do you want to tear your hair out at the constant useless mudslinging and gotcha moments in politics? 

How many elections have you voted for someone you kinda don't want just to get rid of someone else you really don't want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this issue is relevant to you. You are not alone. Ed Broadbent said 46% of voters cast a ballot for a candidate other than their first choice. Last election, 9 million Canadians might as well have just stayed home.

How can we expect to get the government we want if we don't vote for it? We can do better.

A proportional system is used by almost all developed countries around the world, except  USA, England and Canada.  Not a single country has moved back to first Past the Post after getting a proportional system.

Seventy percent of Canadians want it, please let the committee know you do too.  Email your MP, Wayne Stetski or ERRE


It matters!

Ann Remnant, Nelson BC