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Letter: Thank You to those who signed petition concerning water security in Blewett area

Presenting the petition, from left, Mike Devine, Michelle Mungall, Malcolm Fitz-Earle. — Submitted photo

To The Editor:

The Blewett Conservation Society would like to thank all of those who signed our recent petition concerning water security in the Blewett area regarding  aquifer #511. 

There were 874 signatures on the petition and it is now part of the public record as it was presented to the Legislature by Michelle Mungall, MLA, on May 12, 2016. 

The Society’s objective is not to inhibit commercial water use in the area but to take a proactive approach in insuring that the first priority regarding water is domestic supply. 

Michelle Mungall outlined the petition in her presentation to the Legislature — “I rise to present a petition on behalf of my constituents.

They're asking this government to withhold issuing any commercial groundwater licences for aquifer 511, in Blewett, B.C., until a third-party environmental assessment has been done, adequate water supply is confirmed and a water sustainability plan for the community that includes public consultation and ongoing water monitoring is in place.”

Mike Devine, Director

Blewett Conservation Society