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LETTER: Support for new K-12 school in Rossland

Dear Editor,

It is my pleasure to write a letter supporting the Red Mountain Academy.  I feel confident that an academic partnership between the Academy and Self Design High (SDH) will provide a favorable outcome for all involved; students, athletes and parents.  It will be a “win win” situation for all.

Online schooling has demonstrated success across the globe.  In my 7th year serving on the Davenport School Board, it has been my pleasure to witness such success in our hometown of Davenport, WA.  It’s always exciting to watch students graduate from our local school that runs solely through an online partnership.  Online schooling, including the Red Mountain Academy’s new partnership with SDH, provides a fabulous opportunity for students who, for a variety of reasons, choose an educational path other than the “mainstream”.

In conclusion, I fully support the efforts of the Red Mountain Academy as they seek an academic partnership with Self Design High.  Any educational opportunity which allows our children to experience greater course satisfaction and learn more in less time with greater ease and confidence, will greatly benefit the entire community.



Heather Panke

Red Mountain Racer parent & Davenport School Board Member