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Letter: Not ready for modern waste management

To The Editor:

Open letter Nelson city council:  

In 1994 I gave Nelson city council details of organic waste management in Guelph Ontario, the first city in Canada to separate municipal organic waste for compost. I was literally laugh at by employees of the city, they told me there would never be real recycling in Nelson.

A few years later as an active Kaslo/Nelson hockey dad, I was shocked when I realized my son's minor hockey team did not return for deposit (recycle) the soft drink containers.

I purchased 18 new garbage containers for Kaslo and Nelson hockey rinks; cut a hole in lid, hired a local artist, to draw a character blasting a empty can into the net: "she/he shoots and recycle!!!" was expressed on the lid.

Nelson city management did not want me to place in Nelson Civic center, I was told by city manager at the time that: "the Kids won't use them we tried it before" I told the well paid foreman of Nelson city works that maybe they should have his job.

Luckily one of fellows that actually worked at civic centre volunteered to help me place them in dressing rooms and couple other obvious places in the civic centre.

I went to the head of Nelson's minor hockey league at the time and asked if he would encourage the coaches to have minor hockey players use the recycling containers rather than tossing refundable beverage containers into garbage bucket. He buffed out his chest and told me "recycling was for sassies and they get enough of it at school" (2006 or so).

Why are Nelson's bureaucrats and city council still committed to lip service in regard to modern waste management?

Tom Prior, Nelson, BC