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Letter: Local Youth to COP26

To The Editor:

You may have heard about Costa Rica being one of the winners of the annual Earthshot Prize for their work in ecosystem restoration. 

You may be aware that CBC has expanded their climate related programming from “In Our Backyard” and “What on Earth” to include “Our Changing Planet” a multi-platform series.

At the same time you may wonder why thousands of delegates would fly to Glasgow to discuss climate change. 

That event is the Conference of the Parties COP and this is their 26th meeting from Oct.31 to Nov.12.  Trying to arrange a Zoom call across every time zone on the planet and with many countries not having reliable technology, a face to face meeting would solve those logistical issues.

Our little City of Nelson will have two youth climate action advocates going to Glasgow to help make the concerns of youth have a voice. If you happen to see Linn Murray or Jamie Hunter, wish them well in Glasgow.

Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC