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LETTER: Let’s continue to strive for health care

Dear editor,

We all witnessed how our Olympic athletes inspired and unified our nation. Whether they won or not, their stories touched our hearts and we applauded their efforts. We are writing in response to Interior Health’s proposed cuts to our Hospital. Instead of going for gold in our Health Care system it seems we allow the towel to be thrown in, apparently bowing to the almighty Dollar.

Personally, we believe there has to be another answer. If we were told there would be a 6-12 week wait to have our grocery order filled or our pay checks cashed we would never accept it. People, often in pain and in fear, are routinely forced to endure long waits for diagnostic tests and/or surgery. This not acceptable! How can further cuts be justified?

We appeal to our leaders to strive for gold when it comes to Health Services. We stand ready to applaud every effort to work towards this goal. We also stand ready to voice our concern and opposition when we see those in authority allowing our Health Care to further deteriorate.

Our vision is for a drastically reduced wait time for diagnostic tests and surgeries. Say No to cuts. Write a letter, sign petitions, and make phone calls and talk to people – get involved.

Something to think about: our daughter’s dog had a torn muscle and needed surgery on his leg, to which the vet commented that it would be inhumane to leave the dog in such pain and he should have surgery immediately to repair the leg. Within one week the x-rays and surgery were completed and we are happy to say the dog is now on the road to recovery. In our own community there are numerous people waiting excessively long periods for Health Care that was once provided within days.

These people are becoming increasingly depressed and disabled as a result of the pain associated with the original injury and the additional stress on other non-injured parts of their body. When will we say “Enough is Enough” and fix this deplorable situation. Please draw your own conclusions on what further cuts will mean to our existing Health Care services, and consider if you believe that the outcome is acceptable.

Respectfully submitted,

John and Lorraine Owens
Rossland, B.C.