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Letter to the Editor: Questions to ask Candidates

As we live through a hot summer, we are faced with the constant threat of fire and with water shortages in most of BC. It is heartening to finally hear ongoing public recognition of the fact of global warming and the warnings that fire threat and water shortages will be a fact of life in the years to come. It is also heartening to hear that the federal government and some provinces are taking the initative in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Some provinces have in fact shown successful action on climate change.

However, the Canadian effort to reduce greenhouse gas is piece-meal. Further, the new federal target announced in May of this year is still weaker than three provincial targets and is low by international standards. I believe the federal government should take leadership on this issue and suggest two questions to put to all candidates in the now announced federal election:

Would your government take the lead in supporting and encouraging all provinces to enact legislation to reduce carbon emissions?

How would your government work with the provinces to standardize and maximize the goals for the reduction of greenhouse emissions?

Appropriate replies will outline specific future steps and not be vague statements of past actions.

Kathleen Davies