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Letter: Coming this Fall – a major Job Opportunity

To The Editor:

This Fall, the call will come for the opportunity to run the business of the nation. 

There will be at least four major companies making a pitch for that job. We know them as ‘political parties’. When contracting any company, it’s important that ‘deliverables’ are not just vague promises, but are supported with time lines and measureable outcomes.

In the context of Climate Change, we have so far seen only vague promises along with increasing GHG emissions. We are all part of the electorate that will help decide which company to hire for the job and for my part am looking for one with sound measureable climate policy.  I also understand there are influential lobby groups that want to maintain an unsustainable economy in order to squeeze out that last bit of profit before it’s too late. 

Myopia is not a good starting point for political vision that will move us to a post carbon future.  Be careful whom you hire and read their proposals for employment.

Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC