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Letter: Canada Post needs us

To The Editor:

Right now, our government is conducting a public review of Canada Post, and it's time to stop the cuts and embrace a smarter, greener, more community friendly vision for this public institution.

Canada Post belongs belongs to all Canadians, and contrary to what Harper appointees and big banks are telling us, Canada Post is profitable.

Instead of more cuts, why not turn Canada Post into a hub of green innovation? Canadians could have a renewable-powered postal fleet, stronger and more connected communities through green infrastructure, expanded services and postal banking. Since it has the largest retail and logistics network, it makes sense to expand it to include services for seniors, coast-to-coast charging stations for electric cars, and other needed services.

Postal banking would help communities that aren't served by the big banks. All communities have postal outlets which could provide them. Many countries around the world, including Italy, France and New Zealand have postal banking, and there's no reason Canada shouldn't have it too. Canada's big banks raked in $35 billion in profits last year while cutting jobs and raising fees. I'd like to see more alternatives to these banks.

A re-visioned Canada Post could be key to helping Canada meet the emissions targets that we committed to in Paris last year. It would also create lots of green jobs and improve the quality of our lives.

What are we waiting for?

Diana van Eyk
Nelson, BC