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H.O. Blasts Lack of BC Rail Answers

There are lots of questions remaining about the BC Rail scandal…. the biggest being 'why did the Liberal government pick up the $6M defence lawyers' tab for two convicted criminals?'.


This week I had a chance to keep that question--and story-alive, by appearing on broadcaster Stirling Faux on-line business show This Week in Money.  Here’s the link. Turn up your sound.

The mainstream media may believe this story will go away (and want it to), but it will NOT until we know:

  • Who recommended to Cabinet the government pick up the criminals’ legal bill?
  • Who in Cabinet made the motion to pay the $6 million?
  • Was this part of a deal to get Basi-Virk to take ALL responsbility for criminal actions that also involved others?
  • Was any other government employee, elected Member of the Legislature , government or Liberal party advisor involved ..or have ANY knowledge of the information/benefits being provided illegally to and through Basi-Virk?
  • Was $6 million therefore  the cost to shut Basi-Virk up?

These questions can ONLY be answered by an official inquiry, conducted by a judge with subpoena and evidence powers.  And they will NOT go away until the public gets the answers.

Harv Oberfeld is a blogger and retired journalist. This column originally appeared on his blog, Keeping it Real. Reprinted with permission.