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A green web of intrigue builds in the Columbia Basin

Photo courtesy the CB Green web directory (

The spider of ingenuity and necessity has spun a green web of information and resources in the West Kootenay in the pursuit of the sustainability bug, pulling together some of the disparate and far flung legs of the movement.

Called the CB Green web directory (, it is a listing of organizations and businesses in the Columbia Basin that have sustainable development and environmental practices at the heart of their existence.

The website is a work in progress, with continual updates and new listings as they are mined from the Columbia Basin soil.

Getting information together about who was doing what in the name of sustainability prior to the creation of the site was a Herculean task in itself, a note on the directory main page said.

“We discussed barriers to sustainable choices in the Basin, but ended up realizing our communities were full of individuals, organizations and businesses who were leading the way in sustainability. The only challenge was sharing the information across communities, and looking in our own backyards to find the expertise and inspiration for sustainable living.”

And so, through the collaborative efforts of the West Kootenay EcoSociety, Wildsight and the Columbia Basin Trust, the directory was born.

The directory highlights the fact there are a wealth of options available for people in the Columbia Basin. Using a drop down menu or keywords, people can search for the group who will hopefully support their cause, or give them a starting point to create something of their own.

The site includes categories listing businesses, services, products, organizations and communities that have sustainability and green principles contained in them.

  • If you or your business would like to be added to the directory, go to the Sign Up page to register.!/TheNelsonDaily

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