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Grand Forks plays ball!

The Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament was kicked off with style on Wednesday night.

Committee members paraded to the pitchers mound following the Grand Forks Pipes and Drums band with an honour guard of Grand Forks Firefighters and the RCMP. After three national anthems were sung by Amanda Thate, Australia, United States and Canada, Mayor Brian Taylor threw the first pitch.

This year the organizers welcomed the Geelong Baycats out of Australia as the farthest travelling team. Favourites the Seattle Studs, San Diego Senators and Lewiston Truckers all return to the field from state side to match up against Team Canada, Victoria Mavericks and more.

Grand Forks Blues and the Trail Orioles faced off for Thursday evening's game with GF losing 6 - 20 to the birds.

Check the tournament's website for game to game scores, play-by-play and even watch remotely at

Click on the video to watch the opening ceremonies, or click to enlarge and view photos below!