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The Gathering at Red Mountain: Back for another round

Last year’s impromptu ‘Gathering’ brought together the legendary group of friends who perfected the freeski alpine lifestyle, melding mountaineering with mogul-mania and fashion with free-dog in Verbier in the 1970s and 80s. News of the frenetic blend of skiing, philosophizing and partying that ensued over three days in March 2009 at Red Mountain traveled through the blogosphere and pub counter conversations throughout the West, and the call was made for a repeat performance.

The Gatherers must gather again, bigger and better!

For 2010, The Gathering takes it to another level as several generations of Powder Magazine’s most coveted lensmen converge to present and describe the true stories behind some of the finest ski photographs ever captured. Hank deVre, Wade McKoy, Scott Markewitz, Christian Pondella, Jordan Manley, and Erik Seo collectively represent the past, present and future of Powder’s photographic excellence. Their work has inspired thousands of skiers across the globe, and has helped each of us understand why we seek out that perfect day.

Red Mountain’s heritage as the original ski resort of Western Canada and cult northwest powder mecca makes it the perfect location to bring together the old guard of the ski world with young up-and-coming skiers, photographers and filmmakers of the vibrant Kootenay region. The Gathering is a TMP (The Mountain Project) event and another signal of Red Mountain’s growing reputation as a global crossroads for mountain professionals from North America, Europe, Down Under and Up Yonder.

The Gathering is a three-day ski-festival culminating in a big night out of photos, short films and live music in the infamous Miners Hall heritage building (circa 1890). The already classic TGR film ‘Swift, Silent Deep’ will make its Kootenay premiere earlier in the day. The event runs from April 2nd – 4th. Visit the Gathering website   or click through at Red's website for presenter bios, full schedules, accommodation event specials and to book.